This is The Happy Bottom Bidet. Pronounced "buh·day".


Use it to clean up after doing the doo or for all other care down-there.

It does a better job at cleaning than just toilet paper and wipes, saves the planet from unneccessary TP use, AND saves you money on TP!!! #FTW



1. Remove toilet seat

2. Place the Happy Bottom Bidet and toilet seat back on top

3. Connect to water valve


That’s it! That easy. You’ll then be part of a growing group of people that have a #HappyBottom


For everyday use, post partum perineal care, hemorrhoids, post hot wings eating competition, prepping. Basically, it's an amazing thing to have and you will be glad you have it.


Also available on Amazon. Just search "Happy Bottom Booty Washer".


Just remember this. A clean bottom is a happy bottom and happy bottoms make for happier people. 

#worldpeace one bottom at a time.


Detailed Installation Video Link:



Happy Bottom Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

SKU: Toilet Seat Attachment